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Dongpu, a small mountain village adjacent to the Yushan National Park, is well-known for its excellent hot springs. Situated around the Chen-You-Lan Creek, the village enjoys spring-like weather throughout the year. Due to Dongpu is surrounded by mountains, the climate here is fairly mild in winter and rather cool in summer. Located at the foothills of Yushan and midway between Alishan National Scenic Area and Sun Moon Lake, Tilun is surrounded with many natural attractions, such as such as waterfalls, valleys, cliffs, ancient trails, a sea of clouds, fora, fauna, and ecosystems in mountain forests.

Yushan or Mt. Jade, with height of 3,952 meters, is the highest mountain in the Formosa Island and is also the spiritual symbol for the people in this island. For thousands of years, Bunun aborigines pray for a good harvest with beautiful sound of singing intertwined with the cascading waterfalls amidst the woods. Their mystic and ethereal chords echo and linger among valleys.

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The purest hot spring originates from Yushan, consisting of 11 mountain peaks with the highest, the Main Peak standing at 3952 meters. 
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